Recent grants

2002: Faculty Research Grant, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA.

2002, 2004: Teaching & Curriculum Quality Grant. Harvard Graduate School of Education. USA.

2003-2005: The New Three R's: Risk, Resilience and Relationships in Afterschool Programs. Dept. of Education and Piper Foundation, USA.

2005: From Bench to Bedside to Blackboard: Developmental Brain Malformations and the Anatomy of Learning Disabilities. The Harvard Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative (MBB), USA.

2005-2006: Reading Fluency: The Whole is More Than it's Parts A Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Reading Fluency. National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, USA.

2011-2014: The Brain Basis of Reading in Hebrew Dyslexics and Controls. Israeli Science Foundation

2011-2012: Reading Comprehension in Hebrew Speaking English Language Learning. Journal of English Language Learning.

2012: The effect of Text Size on Reading Comprehension. Haifa University Research Authority